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Combat Cybercrimes to Protect Human Kindness

Social media was initially developed with reasonable goals to socialize with the human being virtual. Nowadays, it has become a fertile ground for malicious activities such as cyberbullying, cybercrime, and cyber terrorism. It is full of harmful data, disinformation, or fake news. Law enforcement officers can also collect digital evidence in criminal and civil cases. Therefore, Prof. Kao and the Computer Crime Investigation Lab members at Central Police University, Taiwan are:
(1) Trying their best to broaden our understanding of combating cybercrimes;
(2) Studying very hard to connect with global research teams;
(3) Seeking some useful strategies of maintaining our social orders; and
(4) Being ready to protect human kindness in Taiwan.
  • 學校:中央警察大學
  • 團隊:電腦犯罪偵查實驗室(資訊管理學系)
  • 指導老師: 高大宇
  • 導演: 林映榕
  • 劇本: 柳凱軒
  • 剪輯: 林映榕、柳凱軒
  • 攝影: 莊璇
  • 音樂音效: 馬恩典
  • 男主角:高大宇
  • 女主角:陳旻敬
  • 男配角:賴重睿
  • 女配角:莊璇
  • 其他成員: 林映榕、馬恩典、莊璇、柳凱軒